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We have skillful and talented professionals who impart guitar lessons. One of the most popular and versatile string instruments across the world, the guitar has a sweet sound that pleases and relaxes the mind. From Indian classical, to film songs to western classical, every type of music can be played on this. This is a wonderful opportunity for your child to learn this magnificent instrument.

  • One: One or Group Class
  • 60 min, twice a week
  • Basic, Intermediate, Advanced Levels
  • Classes from Artists Par Excellence

Carnatic Vocal

Learn Carnatic Music from some of the most experienced and talented Sangeet Gurus and nurture your passion for this glorious Indian tradition. Classical music moulds your voice, and lets you modulate it for any type of singing, or even speech. At Tuition Hub, you can enroll for Carnatic vocal lessons and let the music move you.

  • One: One or Group Class
  • 60 min, 2 to 3 classes per week
  • Sarali Swaras
  • Janta Swaras
  • Alankaras
  • Geetas
  • Varnams
  • Keethanas

Keyboard, Guitar, Tabla

Our instrument training classes are designed flexibly, allowing students to learn the basic and advanced courses from some of the best teachers who are happy to provide personalized interactions.


  • Understanding the functioning of Tabla Music
  • Learn about sitting postures
  • Techniques for positioning of hands and fingers


  • Basic breakdown of melodic details
  • Read Musical Notes, Write lyrics on musical sheets
  • Positioning of fingers


  • Identify string names and numbers
  • Read music notation, tablature, chord block

Drawing & Painting

There’s a Raja Ravi Varma or Amrita Shergil hidden in many a child! Every child has unique capabilities and talents. Boost your child’s confidence, inspire them, ignite the spark within, and bring forth the latent artist… Tuition Hub offers impeccable Fine Arts classes: improve your child’s fine motor skills and enhance their creativity with our online drawing and painting classes.

  • One: One or Group Class
  • 60 min, twice a week
  • Basic, Intermediate, Advanced Levels
  • Classes from Artists Par Excellence


In the glorious ancient Indian tradition of Guru-shishya Parampara, we offer Vedic Shloka teaching to interested students, along with their meaning. We provide the verses in print, in English, along with audio clips for select modules, which will help the child practice and perfect the shlokas. This will help your child be aware of and take pride in our ancient culture.

  • Enhance clarity in speech and linguistic skills
  • Achieve calmness and fortitude in stressful situations
  • Imbibes values like devotion, discipline and truth
  • Sharpens the intellect, boosts memory power
  • Enable children to grow into good human beings, rooted in sanatana dharma

Vedic Maths:

After Ayurveda and Yoga, Vedic Maths is India’s gift to the world, and something we should take pride in. It helps students overcome their fear of Maths, reduces scratch work, and helps them face exams in a much better way. Tuition Hub has Vedic Maths teachers with years of experience and deep expertise in the field – give your child the benefit of this wonderful tool with our classes.

  • Group Class (1:6)
  • Twice a week
  • 60 min of interactive session
  • Maths Puzzles and many more
  • Builds concentration
  • Develops creative and logical instinct
  • Promotes speed and accuracy
  • Fosters mental calculation




DP2 (2019 Batch)

I believe that these math tuitions from Tuition HUB were extremely helpful in terms of the depth and level of understanding it provided to support my ib hl math curriculum. I was able to not only understand core concepts but also got a deeper insight on its real-life applications. Overall, it was a great experience and I would definitely recommend any ib math student to take up these classes with Prasad Sir.

Grade 11 (2021 Batch)

As a proud student of Tuition HUB I take the pride in stating that the institute has helped me a lot to improve n progress in my academics and overall development. It boosted my confidence. The practice tests and the short videos explained the difficult concepts in a simple way, and are undoubtedly the unique features indeed. Apart from academics, it also has introduced fine arts for all round development of students. Iam thankful to TuitionHub for giving a wonderful platform for me to gain knowledge n reach greater heights in life. On the whole, it is a knowledge hub.

Nidhi D Naik
Grade 9 (2021 Batch)

Very happy and pleased that my dad guided me to take a very good informed decision to join Tuition Hub !!!
The pandemic has hit everyone very hard in every way including education and students like me. Online classes are the alternative but not to what is like being in school. Being in the ninth grade and higher classes education being complex, we rather started feeling difficult studying remotely. That is when my dad spoke to Tuition HUB who came to my rescue.
TutionHub was a blessing in disguise for me. I took up classes for Math initially and with every class going I found Mathematics started becoming clearer and easier for me. Thank You Sir for being my guide and helping me understand my concepts, which helped me tremendously and now I believe I can resolve complex math problems easily. Each class is very informative and interesting, with the variety of the type of problems that we solve, I am sure this will help me in my present in my future education.
Now I have joined for the Physics classes with V Gopal Sir, who is an expert and helping us to master the subject. I am sure that going forward, even Physics will be my one of the favorite subjects like Math which became my interest once I joined TuitionHub I am very proud and glad to say that at the right time I joined Tuition hub benefitting me tremendously in my studies.

Grade 8 (2021 Batch, UK Curriculum)

Since I started school, I was fascinated by mathematics. I enjoy the challenges and logic behind each problem. I am glad that I joined Tuition HUB because along with further growing my interest in math,
Tuition HUB is challenging me appropriately. By regular math practice, I do less mistakes now, and I am enjoying the different varieties of problems that are being taught. My teacher is very friendly and patiently explains and answers my questions.

Grade 7 (2021 Batch, IB Curriculum)

I decided to join maths tuition because I wanted to improve my capability of doing maths. Tuition HUB is the right choice for me because the way the problems are explained with the concepts., until I understand it. Sir explains the concept with lot of examples, keeping it simple for me.

Grade 5 (2021 Batch, CBSE)

Maths classes with Tuition hub are so much fun. I like many things about my classes. The puzzles are great, introduction of the Tuition HUB app helps to work on assignments and submitting them very easy. Learning about the famous Mathematicians is interesting.

Grade 5 (2021 Batch)

Tuition HUB Math classes helped me to achieve 9 th Rank in International Maths Olympiad (IMO) conducted by SOF in 2021. Thank you Sir!!